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Janet S. Henry

Janet Henry

Janet S. Henry was born in 1948 in the United States of America. She worked over 40 years in different fields an has an efficient knowledge in many fields. The most important of her duties in her fascinating working career is to list her work as clinic manager of the famous Dr. Alsleben Center in Kansas City, USA for almost a decade. She joined the Podology Center in early 2010, retiring in the end of 2011. Having a lot of fun with her duty as International Coordinator and Medical Assistant, she now is a part time volunteer without payment in our clinics in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Wuttipong Wuttipong Arayatumsopon
General Manager
Bachelor Chem.Eng.
Medical Podologist
Dirk Weeber-Arayatumsopon
Medical Podologist
Treatment Teamleader

Teerapol Sanchue
Office accountant
Office agent

+ RIP in charge 2008 to 2012


Wuttipong Khotbuntao

Medical Supervisor

Foot therapist in occupation.



15 years

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